Do Remember...

Well, sometimes when things doesn't go well, the first thing I'll do is hug my husband, then I'll call my ibu. People always thought that my life is perfect as Ita always say, "well Red, not everybody is lucky as you are" well Ita dearest, things aren't always perfect as we planned. The truth is we face the very same challenges ; surviving, and strunggling with the pace of life. But then, i always remember:

1. I am a one of a kind creation. There is no one else just like me nor will there ever be.

2. I stand tall because I am at peace with who I am, I like myself.

3. I take joy in my strengths, talents and skills. I have many.

4. I am aware of my faults but do not let them become a millstone around my neck.

5. I love and accept others freely because I am loved and accepted unconditionally.

6. I am free to praise others because I am not inferior.

7. I can laugh at myself because sometimes I am clueless, awkward, and say the wrong thing. I won't beat myself up for it.

8. I will take my mistakes as opportunities to grow and then move on.

9. I do not look for faults in others to make myself feel better. All of us are in process.

10. I am beautiful because I focus on the inside of who I am, and that overflows to the outside.

I will remember this list when my confidence feels shaky, because that certainly happens.

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